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"You step here, jump down and step back."

Translation:Idelépsz, leugrasz és visszalépsz.

August 22, 2016



I believe that "hátralépsz" should also be accepted as the last verb.


Is this translation also ok? Idelépsz, ugrálsz lefelé és lépsz vissza. A very difficult sentence for beginners.


"Ugrálsz" is repeated jumping. The sentence is about one jump.
And all three verbs must stay intact, no splitting them.


Hm. I wouldn't finish with "lépsz vissza", otherwise your translation is farely natural. :)

A bigger problem is ugrál here. Ugrál means to jump around repeatedly. Leugrál would be something when you need to take several leaps down to reach your destination, which this sentence doesn't seem to suggest, so I'd use ugrik instead.


Oh yes, I mixed the two words again. :-(

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