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  5. "Ngành kế toán"

"Ngành kế toán"

Translation:Accounting major

August 22, 2016



Sorry...being British, I'm not really sure what ACCOUNTING MAJOR is?

Is it:

  1. Studying a degree in accounting.
  2. A mid ranking soldier who counts a lot.
  3. Has a degree in accounting
  4. Studying a few subjects at uni', but the main one is accounting


I wrote "Accountancy major" and my answer was marked as incorrect. "Accountancy" is listed in the Oxford as: n. the profession or duties of an accountant.

Help Duolingo broaden their acceptance of good English...
Would some-body or -bodies please back me up on this request to have my answer accepted?


Can nganh not more considered as being a category word for ke toan? You give accounting in the dictionary, but mark the word as incorrect. I have never ever anyone heard saying "accounting major"...


Does this expression mean "a person who is majoring in accounting" or "accounting as a major (subject)" that a person focuses on?


It seems as noone is interested in helping us...

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