I have some English learners who do duolingo from their first language. How can I track that progress like my other classes. Can I set the original language instead of just the target language?

August 22, 2016


It's a bit fiddly. You have to change the base language on your own Duolingo account. Go to the courses page, and change it so that instead of saying "I speak English" it says "I speak [whichever]". I think you have to actually add a new course from the new base language to make it stick.

After you've done that, just create a classroom for English learners, and that classroom will have the correct base language. You'll then have to use the same process to change your base language back to English.

If you're going to have to do this more than once, you might want the Language Course Switcher (Improved) script, from the userscripts page on the wiki.

If they are all doing the same English course (from the same source language). Just set it in the classroom settings. Or am I missing something?

Yes you are. I am not an English teacher. I am a French teacher. They are doing French from their first language which is not the same for them all.

Sorry, I thought ELL meant they were learning English.

A classroom needs the same source and target languages for all the features to appear.

If your students learn multiple languages, you can select 'No specific language' but you won't be able to access some features such as skill assignments and power practice, since those depend fully on the classroom’s common language course.


As hughcparker has said, separate classrooms are probably best.


ELL does mean they are learning English as a classification however they have other classes as well where they are not learning English but are still ELLs and

In that case, you might have to create different classrooms for the different home languages.

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