Translation:To speak

August 22, 2016



Why 'speak' is not correct?


As explained in the course notes, it is better to translate these standalone verb-nouns as, here, 'speaking' or 'to speak'.

'Speak' can be confused with 'speak!', the command form siaradwch!. With some verb-nouns, there may be confusion with a related noun as well. For example:

  • dangos - showing, to show
  • 'show!' - dangoswch!, dangosa!
  • 'show' (noun) - sioe, arddangosfa

In a dictionary these different forms of 'show' are explained by abbreviations. Duo has no way of doing this.


Thanks! I'm prone to skiping the course notes when I'm familiar with material in lessons :) And as much as I like learning languages I detest grammar and learning its rules by heart. I much more prefer to subconsciously grasp them. I knew the word 'siarad' from SSiW course, which puts an emphasis on spoken language, and thus, for me, it wasn't 'tainted' with grammatical formalities such as mode etc.. Not to mention for Polish native speaker bare infinitive seems more convenient in use.

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