"John has new boots."

Translation:Jánosnak van egy új bakancsa.

August 22, 2016

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It's so strange to see "egy új bakancs" translate to "new boots". XD


Yes, a slight mismatch in the translation. I would make up these pairings:

"John has new boots" - "Jánosnak új bakancsa van"

"John has a new pair of boots" - "Jánosnak van egy új bakancsa"

And there are many more possibilities.


I figured that's what you would say. :D

^ How might I say what I just wrote in Hungarian? If you can't tell, I'm trying to see how to construct the things I might say when I start writing in Hungarian. ;)


Yeah, I am keenly aware of what's going on here. You are trying to become an actual Hungarian.

Az "egy új bakancs"-ot kérdezed?

"a new (pair of) boots".

Vettem egy új bakancsot - I bought a new pair of boots.


Haha, no, I actually mean to ask how I would say "I figured that's what you would say." I would've said that comment in Hungarian if I knew how to write the sentence, but since I don't I want to ask how I would write that. :D


"Gondoltam, hogy ezt fogod mondani/írni." I get it a lot... :)


You can also say " Sejtettem, hogy ezt fogod mondani." or "Gondoltam, hogy ez lesz a válaszod. "


Is "egy" really necessary?

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