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  5. "אני מצפֶה לראות אתכם."

"אני מצפֶה לראות אתכם."

Translation:I'm looking forward to seeing you.

August 22, 2016



The audio and text seem to differ ...

  • text: plural אתכם
  • audio singular אותך ?


Definitely. I reported it.


Indeed. Reported it too.


The audio says "אותך" but the text says "אתכם." Please fix.


Audio does not match the sentence, fix that please


True. Please use the report flag, rather than comments for this kind of feedback


Is there a way to tell if the translation for "מצפה" is "expecting" or "looking forward to", or do we just have to guess based on context?


When you look forward to something, you are expecting it, so in a way the two notions basically mean the same thing. There are other languages that also use one verb for both aspects.


I thought "מצפה" does mean 'expect' as well. Not sure about that and would appreciate if someone could confirm or deny it. But in regard to your comment, I disagree - If you look forward to something you do expect it, but it doesn't automatically work the other way round. If you expect something, you don't necessarily look forward to it. I may expect to go to the dentist tomorrow, but not look forward to it at all. I may be expecting someone to visit, but not look forward to it. And so on.


It would probably be a lot less work for the Hebrew team to type their corrections according to the audio, rather than the reverse. The option "The audio does not sound correct" is more likely to apply to those languages that use computerized speech (which is most of them), but the Hebrew course records real people for these lessons. I imagine this makes audio correction more difficult.


There was a sentence before: היא מצפה לבת, where it was pronounced as "mitspa". I also checked in forvo ( https://forvo.com/word/he/%D7%9E%D6%B4%D7%A6%D6%B0%D7%A4%D6%B5%D6%BC%D7%94/#he ), it can be pronounced as "mitspe" (for a boy I assume). So is this pronunciation (metsape) implies different binyan? Why? Thanks!


This is the correct pronunciation for both. You probably got the wrong frovo link.

Mitspe means observatory.


הבנתי, תודה! מצפה רמון! זה לא יד המקרה, נכון?


Quite so.

There it's Outlook, which also fits in to מצפה.


I am going to see you?


It can also be "I'm expecting to see you".

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