"She loves this cat."

Translation:Ona kocha tego kota.

August 22, 2016

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THIS is not THAT easy for me!


Take it EASY:
How do you say it in English? "I love he/she?" (wrong...)
or "I (subject) love him/her" (direct object - accusative)?

It is a cat (nominative) - To (jest) kot (kto? co? - Mianownik)
I love the cat (him/her - accusative) - Kocham kota (kogo? co? - Biernik)

Many Polish verbs put the following noun (direct object) in accusative
case, (kogo? co? - Biernik) in affirmative statements. To make it EASY,
the negative statement which requires genitive case (kogo? czego? - Dopełniacz) would need the same word "kota" fo this type of a noun
(Biernik/accusative = Dopełniacz/genitive):

She loves this cat - Kocha tego kota (Biernik/accusative)
She does not love this cat - Nie kocha tego kota (Dopełniacz/genitive)


What about the use a tego? This articles are driving crazy


There aren't any articles in Polish, ten is a demonstrative pronoun, which corresponds to this/that in English. Like most other parts of speech, it's inflected for gender, number and case.

Declension tables for ten & tamten

It this sentence, tego is singular masculine animate accusative.


Lol. Same here! Wow. Confusing.


I didn't remember about it, but it is actually tought (in the Tips section) in a previous lesson (Demonstratives):


It's accusative. But "kot" is masculine animate (it is an animal), and animate masculine nouns have singular accusative=singular genitive.


jesus christ this grammar is a nightmare


Uwiebia?? Can you please explain this word to me as it was listed as a possible answer to love's, kocha.


uwielbiać = adore, worship, idolize, admire, be wild about somebody, love.

This verb is not taught in the current Polish for English course.


accusituve man is mężczyznę, but accusitive cat is kota? or am i missing something?


That is correct.

The -ę ending is usually the Accusative ending for feminine nouns, but "mężczyzna" looks like a feminine noun, despite being masculine.

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