"No, I am your father!"

Translation:Nem, én vagyok az apád!

August 22, 2016

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Nem, az lehetetlen!


'nem, én az apád vagyok' should also be accepted


Duolingo has officially crossed over to the dork side.


I'm not sure I understand the difference between "apukád" and "apád" or "anyukád" versus "anyád".


I have to say, the scene in Csillagok háborúja would be hilarious if he said Én vagyok az apukád!


"I am your daddy?" :)


In my experience, apuka and anyuka are very diminutive, borderline "cutesy" words. You're most likely to use them if you are a child or if you're speaking to a child (Hol van az apukád?) You probably wouldn't use them seriously when talking to another adult.

Édesanya and édesapa are also somewhat "sweet" terms but they don't have the same childish-cutesy sound - they just soften the somewhat formal edge of plain apa and anya.


Ah, király! Köszönöm a választ! :D


So basically, apa = "father", édesapa = "dad" and apuka = "daddy"?


"dad" for édesapa doesn't sound quite right to me. To me, it's not really as casual as that. It's more as if you could say "Your dear father" or "your dear old dad" without it sounding quite so overwrought as those phrases do.

Perhaps native speakers will explain the connotations more accurately.


"Édesapa" and "édesanya" are more formal than "apa" and "anya", if only because they are longer words.

Daddy - Dad - Father >> Apu - Apa - Édesapa

And "apád", "anyád" can be a little rough, especially when used with some not so pleasant words...

But there is not one correct answer here. "Ahány ház, annyi szokás." Every family is different. Whatever our parents taught us to call them, that will be "the norm" for us, and what other families do will be a bit unusual to us. One person's "father" is another's "daddy". And "apuka" could be cutesy to one person, and totally formal to another. Because these words will frequently lose their literal meanings and become quasi names for those people.


Köszi a hozzászólást! :D

I'm trying to say thanks for the input/comment. This is another word I've never used, so I might have chosen the wrong one. The online dictionary I use lists several words along with examples, and after reading the examples for context and to see which is most commonly used, I then choose which word to use. It seems that so far I've done well, but that might not always be the case. ;)


So far so good on those thank you notes! :) "Hozzászólás" is a comment on one topic, speech, blog, etc. "Saying (something) to (it)".

But I am running out of "you are welcome" notes... How about this one: "Kérem, nincs mit". :)


I have seen a few vague posts about “apád” and “anyád” being borderline rude to say because of those terms used as shorthand for insulting phrases. For us terrified speakers who forever fear saying something offensive, should we always avoid those words?


Almost nothing. Apukád more friendly than apád.


Nem, én apád vagyok. Should also fly here.


What about: "Nem, az apád én vagyok"?


If the stress was differently (think "No, I am your father and not your brother"), wouldn't "Nem, az apád vagyok" be good? Reported this...


How about 'Nem, a te apád vagyok!

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