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"A város mellett folyik egy nagy folyó."

Translation:A big river flows next to the city.

August 22, 2016



So, if the "-ó" suffix generally equates to "-er" in English... a river is literally a "flow-er" in Hungarian? (But not a flower :P) A "flowing thing"?

Of course, since "river" ends in "-er", I guess we have to ask ourselves what it means to "rive"...


Yes, you got it. A flowing thing, that became a noun. There are many more like it. "Jövő" is "coming" but it means the future. And "ajtó" is just a noun.


True, and I suppose "to fing somebody" is to give somebody "the finger".

You also have repülő "flyer = plane" and eső "faller = rain".


Yes, it is very common. Now, for a second I thought you had used a Hungarian word in your first sentence. Fart.. I mean false friends?

Oh, and our all-time favorite kindergarten teacher is also an óv-ó-nő.


Ah, didn't know that that word had the -ó ending in it! Thanks!


why is 'a big river flows beside the city' unaccepted?


beside should be accepted, or always rejected, not randomly.


Yes, I got it marked wrong too.

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