"You cross the street and you go into the small, blue building: I live there."

Translation:Átmész az utcán és bemész a kicsi, kék házba: ott lakom én.

August 23, 2016

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I'm pretty sure none of the translations for this sentence are correct... the above translation has "haz" instead of "epulet", and there's another with "kekek" instead of "kek"


Yes, the translation is inaccurate. But in Hungarian, "ház" and "épület" are used somewhat interchangeably. There is a definite overlap. A house is not just a home. You can call a building a house. "Épület" is usually used for taller, bigger structures. So that's why probably it was mistranslated.


"kicsi" and "épület" don't go well together at all?

I imagine a "kicsi ház" to be a single family standalone house, but a small building still sounds like a building with 2, 3... whatever floors and several flats in them, just a smaller building compared to the other taller buildings surrounding it.


Átmész az utcán és bemész a kis kék épületbe: ott élek.


En ott lakom = ott lakom en...el kellene fogadni

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