"A város mellett kilencven ember ül és pihen."

Translation:Ninety people are sitting and resting next to the city.

August 23, 2016



Proč ne "There are 90 people sitting and resting next to the city."?

September 6, 2018


I typed it exactly right but it said I used the wrong word

August 23, 2016


We could guess which word it was (mellett?), but if you copied your answer here, maybe we could figure out together what was wrong with it. Otherwise, if you are convinced that your answer was correct, please report it via 'Report a problem'.

August 23, 2016


Why does Duolingo reject "town" and insist on "city" when it itself gives "town" as an alternative translation of "város". Hopeless!

January 11, 2018


City is big ; town is small (the town can be translated into Hungarian "kisváros" :) ) . (Towns are generally larger than villages but smaller than cities - wikipedia) But both are "város". :) Report it!

February 16, 2018


I wrote "Ninety people are sitting and relaxing beside the city." Is this wrong?

May 27, 2018


Does "Varos" not mean town as well as city?

July 22, 2018
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