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  5. "אני חושב שהוא טועֶה."

"אני חושב שהוא טועֶה."

Translation:I think he is wrong.

August 23, 2016



I put 'I think he is mistaken' and was marked incorrect. I think you are mistaken.


How to say: He is neither wrong or right? הוא לא טועה ולא צודק?


What's wrong with "I think that he's making a mistake"?


I agree with you that a correct translation of this could also be, "I think that he is making a mistake." So I tried it this time around, and DL marked it wrong. I am reporting it.


In English "mistaken" and "wrong" have different connotations.


"I believe that he is wrong" is a slightly gentler way of saying "I think that he is wrong" and is a correct translation, IMO. Not word-for-word, but still correct.


Having lived in Israel, I would say the direct, non-gentle approach is more common among native speakers of Hebrew ;-)


The audio sounds like: אני חושב שהוא תוהה (I think he is wondering). That's what I put down, and it was marked as incorrect.

How can I hear the difference between טועה and תוהה? Do these two words sound the same, or is there a difference?


according to Pealim - תועה has a gutteral silent sound for the ע
There is an h sound in תוהה.


as of Nov 2020: still not accepted. "I think that he is making a mistake"

I think that DL is making a mistake.


That’s closer to אני חושב שהוא טועה טעות

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