"Az orvosok azokból az autókból szállnak ki, amelyeken nagy táskák vannak."

Translation:The doctors get out of those cars on which there are big bags.

August 23, 2016

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Why is "from those cars" not accepted as translation for "azokból az autókból"?


I almost finally got one right but put in instead of on with the bags.


Are the bags actually on top of the cars in the Hungarian sentence, or are the cars 'carrying' the bags? In the latter case, "in the cars" would be the acceptable translation


The bags are actually on the roofs of the cars. If the bags were inside somehow, it would still use the -ban suffix.

[deactivated user]

    I think "the cars" is wrong. I reckon "those cars".


    Both are okay here. It's just using "azok az autók" here because it wants to single out those exact cars that have bags on them. You usually would say "the cars, on which there are bags" with a bit emphasis on "the".


    is there anything wrong with 'large bags'?


    The answer presented uses the word "getting" which is not provided in the word choices. And the answer above is different from the answer presented in the lesson. I reported it although the button choices did not allow me to report the problem accurately.


    The doctors get out of those cars on which large bags are. This wasn’t accepted because...


    ...because "on which there are large bags" is the correct form. "Are" and all forms of "to be" are almost never used by themselves as the verb in a sentence.


    How can I tell where "azokból" means "from those" or "from the"? Is it just incorrect translation?

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