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  5. "Mae hi'n dawel heno."

"Mae hi'n dawel heno."

Translation:It is quiet tonight.

August 23, 2016



I put "She is quiet tonight" and that's wrong. Only it isn't, is it? Without context we can't tell if it's a general observation ("It's quiet tonight") or a statement about a person ("[Where's Sioned?] She's quiet tonight").


'She is quiet tonight' is already one of the accepted answers in the database.


Would "it is quiet" normally be masculine or feminine?


She is quiet tonight was not accepted as an answer here


I have enjoyed Duolingo very much and have a streak of 117 at the moment. However, I found this revision exercise extremely boring! As a retired teacher, I cannot imagine why one bores the students so much as this exercise with the same sentences being used over and over again with no variations. Poor teaching!

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