"He needs documents."

Translation:Potrzebuje dokumentów.

August 23, 2016

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I thought the accusative case follows the kogo/co rule. Why is it dokumentów instead of dokumenty?


we use genitive after "potrzebować". (kogo czego)


Is the genitive case after the verb potrzebować regardless of whether the noun is animate/inanimate? dokument is inaniminate, right?


If a verb needs a case, it needs that case, animate/not animate, personal-not personal doesn't make any difference. "Mam" needs accusative, potrzebować needs genitive.

That said as you know accusative can be - different form (feminine singular), = genitive or = accusative

in plural the division in masculine nouns is not animate/inanimate, but personal/not personal - and dokumenty are both not animate, and not personal.

Mam dokument- Potrzebuję dokumentu
Mam dokumenty- potrzebuję dokumentów


Mam psa- potrzebuję psa. Mam psy- potrzebuję psów.


Syn-Mam syna- Potrzebuję syna
Synowie- Mam synów- Potrzebuję synów

To further complicate things- some Polish people use accusative after "potrzebuję", it's a mistake but a very common one.

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