"Eles gostam de você."

Translation:They like you.

February 4, 2013

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Is it normal that I hear "dje" while she sais "de"? I'm so new to the language and i miss a lot some introduction to pronunciation...


is the "de" pronounce "jey"? or am i trippin?


Yes, in some varieties of Brazilian Portuguese —including those of Rio and São Paulo and most of Southern Brazil— this is the pronunciation of the letter D followed by a high front vowel (normally I, but also E when it falls in unaccented places). The letter T does the same thing (but goes to an English CH sound). We do this in English too, but unconsciously, when a Y sound follows a D: "Did you…" sounds "Dijoo..."

Other dialects like European and African Portugueses, as well as those of North(eastern) Brazil and Recife pronounce it without palatization (the name for that sound change).


"Gostam" sounds like "gosta".

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not exactly, listen to the slow version. It's pronounced as if it were gostão

More here:


Almost, because the final "m" is used there to nasalize the "a".


Like = Gostar + "DE" "é regência verbal" Eu gosto de você, Ela gosta DO (de + o) rapaz, Nós gostamos DA (de+a) sua cidade.= We like your city. NEED= Precisar + DE Eu preciso DE você, Nós precisamos DE comida , Ela precisa DE água, O marido precisa DA (=de +a) esposa dele = The husband needs his wife.


they enjoy you would also work....wouldn't it?


It should but more likely in a sexual context.

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