"The three girls and seven cats play together."

Translation:שלוש הילדות ושבעת החתולים משחקים ביחד.

August 23, 2016

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I think the Hebrew sentence corresponds to: "The three girls and THE seven cats play together".


why isn't the first word שלושת?


3 (masc.) = שלושה

the 3 men = שלושת הגברים

3 (fem.) = שלוש

the 3 women = שלוש הנשים


This English sentence is actually ambiguous between the 7 cats being definite or indefinite.


Yes, it told me I had a typo when I omitted the second "ה", which is not correct.


shalósh ha-yeladót ve-shiv'át ha-chatulím mesachakím beyáchad.


"The three girls (definite) and seven cats (indefinite) play together" is correctly translated with שלוש הילדות ושבעה חתולים משחקים ביחד.


Can you say, "שלוש הבנות"?


Now I can understand numbers in hebrew. In our early lessons, we learned that it was like for example: חמש(femine) and חמישה (masculine). And so then, and it totally blew my mind since I was already used to see ה in the final of femine nouns. And now I am seeing what seems like another version of the femine numbers, just like חמשת? Can somebody explain that or I have to google it?


Numbers, like nouns, can be indefinite and definite. So far, we were taught indefinite numbers, which would be חמש "chamésh" for feminine and חמישה "chamishá" for masculine numbers. These are definite numbers, which change. חמש, feminine stays the same, but masculine חמישה becomes חמשת "chaméshet". Basically, all feminine numbers stay almost the same, but the masculine change by exchanging the ה with ת.


thank you for the explanation!


What a perfect explanation of this elusive skill. (Although the twist that I don't think it explains is why the presumably indefinite seven cats in this example is translated as שבעת החתולים). Perhaps we're meant to infer that the set of girls and cats are collectively definite.


Correct, they are collectively definite.

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