"Hol vannak a magas iskolák?"

Translation:Where are the tall schools?

August 23, 2016

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An academy for basketball players?


I would say 'big schools' rather than 'tall schools' would make more sense in this case.


But Hungarian has a word for big - nagy. Magas apparently specifies vertical extent, just like the English "tall". I'll wait for a native speaker of at least someone fluent to say anything definitive, but I'm willing to bet that this is as weird and pointless a sentence in Hungarian as it is in English.

Nothing surprises me in Duolingo anymore. In the Turkish course, there is a sentence "Everyone is looking for a pink island." Apparently, in the Dutch course, there is the sentence "In reality, I'm a duck."


You're right about that but there's a difference between semantically 'weird' sentences (like the turkish and dutch examples) and grammatically corrupt ones, since i don't think you'd say "tall" for a building in english - at least what i learned is that "tall" describes (mainly) humans where as "high" describes (inanimate) objects.


I'm a native speaker of English and I would definitely say "tall buildings".


Agreed, but I wouldn't say ‘tall schools’. (I might say ‘tall school buildings’.)


You're right, this sentence makes no sense in Hungarian. You can say "magas épület" but not "magas iskola".


In reality, some ppl are ducks, really. They would just never say it themselves!


If they did, it would just come out as ‘quack’!


In the USA we use "tall" for buildings, antannae, or anything which has the appearance of standing, but use either "tall" or "high" for mountains. Mountains are part of the Earth's surface rather than standing on it.


I do not think you can say " a tall" school, but a "high"Building, tower. A "tall" man...


I can accept making a mistake, but where?


"Magas" means both "tall" and "high" so either can be used to describe a building, such as a school. Duolingo is being very inflexible as usual!


I wonder if they meant high school in the american sense? Ie school for older children.


No - that is gimnázium.


Tall is normally referred to a person or alive beings. When referring to buildings it is better to say high

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