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  5. "גרמנית היא שפה יפָה."

"גרמנית היא שפה יפָה."

Translation:German is a beautiful language.

August 23, 2016



Why you always lyin


LOL, one of the developers has a sense of humor.


Das glaube ich auch.


Anybody can love any langugage, I recon. Say I love javascript. ג'אווה סקריפט היא שפה יפה!!!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


or in this case, in the ear of the beholder :)


Until I was 10 years old I never heard a gentile speak German. My great uncle was a journalist who used the German language as a weapon against the Nazis and paid for it with his life. At the same time, I understand those whose relationship with German has none of the positive notes that mine does.


I have heard that german is a rational language, but never have I heard that it is beautiful. I think that beauty is something soft, balanced, sensitive, kind and poetic. Maybe french is more beautiful or maybe persian?


German has always seemed like a very ruff and angry language to me. Never would have thought to describe it as beautiful...


Not speaking about beauty of language, Germans are good neighbours. At least in my life, I profited from this fact a lot. They do not push as to have statues of Germans on our squares as Russian do. They are very friendly and piecefull these days. No fires on the border, no missiles, no explossions in buses. Thank you, Germans, that you are not like Russians or Palestinians now! We have piecefull life in Czech Republic also because of you.


the most wonderful language in the world, because: ich verstehe jedes Wort. :-)


Yuk, says who?


יידית זה כמו גרמנית לשון גרמני אבל עם הרבה מילים מהעברית והארמית


I wouldn't call it prejudiced. I'd call it biased. They have reason to be. Like 6 million reasons.


Sigh, such a weak argument to condemn at entire language and culture.


The Germans had no argument for their mass murdering. From that point in time until eternity, it's open season on everything German. They're indefensible.


As you may see אלהים has already forgiven them. As He has forginen to Jewish people many times too and all of us as well.


It is guttural and ugly


This shouldn't even be on Hebrew Duolingo.

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