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100 streak day

Hello guys,

I'm just happy because my motivation keeps burning until now. Finally, I have achieved 100 streak-day. It may be less for some of you though, but at least it is worth the motivation.

Thank you for all of your replies to me and Duolingo. And especially the experts who have helped me solving my problems in grammar, nouns, etc.

Oh yes, here are some useful tools that keep me learning German: - http://www.reverso.net/text_translation.aspx?lang=EN - https://translate.google.co.id/ - http://ind.forvo.com/languages/ - https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html

And some useful learning sites: - http://www.memrise.com/course/61415/100-german-verbs-with-prepositions/ - http://www.memrise.com/course/37726/advanced-german-vocabulary/ - http://www.memrise.com/course/1255/conversational-german/ - http://www.memrise.com/course/858/intermediate-german/ - (And some others that are created by memrise.com)

And apps from Google Play: - Lern Deutsch (Die Stadt der Wörter) - TinyCards App by DuoLingo - DeutschLernen

And don't forget my favourite site: www.youdailygerman.com

Those are the tools and apps I use to study German. TIP (How to master noun genders)

Go download an online dictionary where it has a bookmark feature. As you have come across the new nouns in DuoLingo or others, you can keep/bookmark the noun. With the new nouns bookmarked, you just have to review it every day.

My best follower : Archie2252

TIP (How to master noun genders)

Download an online dictionary that has a bookmark feature. Whenever you encounter a new noun, go and type in the dictionary and bookmark/favourite it. Make sure thay have all the flexions, especially for nouns. By doing this every day, I'm sure that you can master them, if you practice recently.

Danke euch allen, und Guten Tag

Wow2303 - Jason

August 23, 2016



Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Nächstes Ziel... 200? :)) Auf die nächsten hundert Tage!


how did you learn a bunch of languages and have a 319 day streak you are awesome!


that is just cool but weird at the same time!!


Do you have any other job?


how did you learn all these languages :D :D hahahaha :D


Good to see you're burning until now. You're creating a great way for your success :D


how do these people get 100 or higher streaks


Sie machen jeden Tag Duolingo ;)


Du hast täglich geübt und viel gelernt! Mach's weiter!


Congratulations! A little commitment every single day is a great achievement, 1+1+1+1 is better than 0+0+2+0


Waaaat well done!!!! My reccord is only 12 haha (: so happy for you


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist eine große Errungenschaft. Viel Glück, wie Sie weiter!


i nealy have 100 days streak yet


Ook comgratulation ! keep going ^^ i am trying to have 100 streak too > the best score i had before is 42 days :D wish success for all of us ^^


also i have a question for all .. how do you practice what have you learnt ?!!

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