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"Slike vitser er ikke morsomme."

Translation:Such jokes are not funny.

August 23, 2016



"Those kind"?! In English, we say, "That kind of joke," or, "Such jokes," or maybe, "Those kinds of jokes."


Colloquially, people make a sort of ad sensum agreement that ends up with "those kind of...", but I agree that it sounds very clumsy, and I avoid it.


For anyone interested in the etymology, 'Slik' and 'Such' are cognates. Both words come from a Proto-Germanic compound of So + Like (Swalíkaz). Norwegian 'Slik' is from Old Norse 'Slíkr', English 'Such' is from Old English 'Swylc', the -c was pronounced as -ch and we finally lost the -l- (except in early Scottish which has a more familiar looking 'Swilk').


Humour is subjective. Just because you didn't find it funny doesn't mean it's not funny to others. Everything's funny if your humour is dark enough


Damn straight


Totally agree. I have a very dark sense of humour, yet I'm (so I'm told!) a very nice and kind person.


As David Mason posted above, "Those KIND..." is not proper English. The grammatically correct translation(s) would be "Those KINDS of jokes are not funny." or "Jokes like those are not funny."

In order to use KIND in this sentence properly, one would need to change "jokes" (plural) to "joke" (singular), "That KIND of joke is..." or "A joke like that is..."

Takk på forhånd for fixing this, duo... (reported 10/05/17)


Why does "slike" in this case means "Those", rather than "These"?


I've added your answer as an alternative.


Bare hyggelig!


What is the rule for using single or double consonants? Morsomt but morsomme. Why?


I think it's because 'vitser/jokes' is plural.

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