"Te gyakran hallasz itt zenészeket."

Translation:You hear musicians here often.

August 23, 2016

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"you hear often musicians here" should be valid as well, no?


That sounds like wrong word order to me in English.

"You often hear musicians here" or "You hear musicians here often" are what I would accept.


"You often hear musicians here." - can 'you' or 'te' also be used as a indefinite pronoun in Hungarian? (as in: one often hears musicians here)


"Az ember" is used instead of an indefinite pronoun in Hungarian most of the time.

Az ember gyakran hall itt zenészeket.

Although, in this case I'd use a different construction.

Gyakran (lehet) hallani itt zenészeket.


You often hear good musicians here- why not? I often eat good goulash here. ? I often practice the bassoon here....? What gives here?


I'm not sure what do you mean by "What gives here" but your sentence is probably accepted, I can't say which exercise I got but that's hands down what I would write, too.


Wouldn't "good musicians" be " szenészeket?" There is no "jó" in the Hungarian sentence. Is English more polite here?


Frankly, I didn't see that extra "good" and now that I see it, I don't know why it should be there. :| Probably it just shouldn't.


I agree. (I have proofread thousands and thousands of pages of books and articles, so I am sensitive to such things.)

By the way, I always appreciate your precise, profound and objective comments. Your name guarantees for quality.

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