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Need to be able to see Student's level

In the dashboard there is no way to see the student's level. All of their information is there except that important stat. Why not?

August 23, 2016



Yes, I would like info on this too, please!


It is still not a feature! I cannot believe this is not something they can just implement. I am baffled by DuoLingo's silence on this. Please post a new thread on this topic , hopefully they will stop ignoring all the requests for this simple feature. Thank you!


You can see the students' total XP for each course. The level is based solely on that. The XP number is more useful than the level, but if you want to know what level a student is on, you can look at the list of which levels correspond to how many XP here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Xp


Thanks hughcparker!
Since it is as simple as converting XP's to Levels, according to that chart, why can't they simply include that metric? This makes it another step for me, for each and every student.. You say XP is more useful than level, can you elaborate why it's more useful? Finally, on that helpful link you gave me, I also saw that the Fluency feature is helpful - but I don't see a fluency meter for me or any of the students I click on. Do you see one for you?


XP is more useful than level simply because it's a more detailed version of the same information. There's no need to convert from XP to level - just ignore the level, and use the XP.

I do see a fluency meter, but it doesn't give me any useful information. The fluency meter gets mentioned a lot in these forums, and the consensus is that it seems to be designed to motivate us to study, rather than as a measure of actual fluency. The algorithm used to generate it hasn't been made clear, but it seems to be something to do with how secure our learning is. It's not a metric that a teacher could use. If you don't have it, I'm guessing there's an A/B test going on - testing the effect of giving people that information.


Excellent, thank you, very helpful!

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