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Place to practice/see spanish?

I've heard spanish soap operas work well but I have no clue where to find them. Any other ideas for seeing spanish used? Thank you

June 14, 2012



Someone here on the site recommended destinos to me a little while ago. Now, that I'm half-way through, I can wholeheartedly confirm the recommendation: A great ressource! http://www.learner.org/series/destinos/watch/index.html


@PlasterGiotto: I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter for language learning. I also recommend to read the books in Spanish. Grammar is kept simple and the colourful world, the weird characters and the thrilling story keep you going right through to the end. Due to the need for many new words for various kinds of magic you also get a good feel for the language and word formation. [After finishing them in English, I "worked" through the whole series in French and Italian. Currently I'm reading volume 4 in Spanish and still enjoying it ;-) ]


http://www.viki.com Viki has a lot of TV series and movies from all over the world, fansubbed in lots of languages, and even free and legal. Most are korean, but there are some Spanish ones as well =)


I've been watching the Harry Potter series dubbed into Spanish. Not bad! Also I've been subscribing to Spanish podcasts which can be found in the Spanish Itunes store.


One further remark on dubbed movies: In Spain, for some reason, they have the habit to put the dubbed audio layer on top of the original one so that you hear both languages at once. In Germany, we're used to hearing only the new audio layer. This can be somewhat confusing...


My son recommended a site "inspired beginners Spannish" it is run by an Anglo Spanish couple in Madrid and has free weekly podcasts. It is not for complete beginners but is useful for listening to real Spannish. You should get it by googling.


Thanks for those links everyone :) I've just started watching Destinos. It's looking good

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