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  5. "Do you not like school?"

"Do you not like school?"

Translation:Nem szereted az iskolát?

August 23, 2016



The Hungarian sentence has the word "the" (az iskolat) - The English sentence doesn't have the "the" The English sentence means "school in general", the Hungarian means a specific school. Is this right?


The Hungarian sentence could refer to school in general, or a specific school. But typically one would add some words to show that one is talking about a specific school. Like: "Nem szereted ezt az iskolát?" (= "Don't you like this school?"), "Nem szereted az iskoládat?" (= "Don't you like your school"?)

So yeah, we usually use the definite article "a(z)" when talking generally, and we usually use additional words to talk specifically.


So would a Hungarian ever say "Nem szereted iskolat?"

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No, they would say Nem szereted az iskolát? instead.


You need the definite article for general statements, so it would be az iskolát instead of just iskolát.


I got the sense that the word "school" was being emphasized, so I entered Nem az iskolát szereted? This was rejected for Nem szereted az iskolát? Is my word order incorrect?

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