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"What is the area of the apartment?"

Translation:מה שטח הדירה?

August 23, 2016



Can איזור be used here instead of שטח ? Is there significant difference between them?


Yes, there is. The best way to explain this is using some examples:

שטח הדירה הוא 34 מטרים רבועים - The area of the apartment is 34 square metres

הדירה נמצאת באיזור נחמד - The apartment is located in a nice area


Thanks a lot for the examples :)


Why not השטח?


It's a construct chain: שטח הדירה


Hi is there a way to recognise when I need to use זה or נמצאת when sentences contain it or is?


This English sentence is so unnatural as to almost make no sense. One would say 'What size is the apartment?' or, to use, 'area', you'd say something like 'What area does the apartment take up in metres/feet'?


No. I would say, “What is the area of the apartment?”


No, I'd probably ask, "how big is your apartment'? Or if you want dimensions ... how many square feet/meters is your apartment


I wouldn't (and yes, I'm a native English speaker).


Agreed. You'd ask for the square footage (or similar). Area isn't used for apartments or living spaces unless you are referring to area rugs/decor or the area outside the unit.


i agree. what is the size of the apartment or what is the size of the room. no one colloquially says what is the area. the answer would be it's 10 x 12 feet.. for example or 120 sq ft.

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