"What do you like to drink?"

Translation:Що ви любите пити?

2 years ago



hy please help with this one.i can not do it in english keyboard.

2 years ago

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If you have iOS you can get a Ukrainian keyboard in the settings. It'll be 'Українська'. If you can't get a keyboard, the transliteration should be: 'sho vy lyubyte pyty' or 'sho vi lyubite piti' or instead of 'sho' maybe 'scho'

2 years ago


What would you like to drink?

8 months ago


How are we supposed to know whether to translate 'you' in the singular or the plural if both make sense? I chose singular: Шо ти любиш пити and was told this was wrong as I should have used Ви.

2 months ago


The ending of the verb is key here. If the word match has only one verb to choose/use for the answer then that verb's ending will dictate which one to use.
Hopefully each question only has one correct set.

2 months ago


ok "shcho vy lyubyte pycy? "

1 month ago


What about "Що ви хочу пити?" Do people use that?

3 weeks ago
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