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  5. "Two more commas."

"Two more commas."

Translation:עוד שני פסיקים.

August 23, 2016



למה לא "שני יותר פיסקים"?


zz שני פסיקים יותר (not שני יותר פסיקים) might work with the right context, but the meaning is different: יותר is used for "more than", and עוד is used for additional. In other words, in order to use יותר the person you're talking to has to know which two things you're comparing, otherwise the sentence is incomplete.

There a nice discussion about this subject here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16542561.


Ah okay. I Was taught yoter was just more, hence the misuse. And you must always use yoter at the end? Is it because it is an adjective?


I'm not sure, it's not an adjective. Maybe it's because you're usually supposed to add <more than what> after יותר. Like, שני פסיקים יותר מקודם (two commas more than before).


Why is it שני and not שתי?

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