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"I sit to that one, on which there is a pillow."

Translation:Arra ülök, amin van párna.

August 23, 2016



Perhaps there needs to be movement in Hungarian but in English you can't sit to. Sit on yes


"To sit"/"ül" can mean two things both in English & in Hungarian. It means to be in a seated position or to get in a seated position. However, you're right that "on" should be used in the English translation.


There is a mismatch in translation here.

"Arra ülök, amin van párna." means "I sit on whatever has a pillow on it". For example if I see a cat with a pillow on its back, I sit on it.

And "Arra ülök, amelyiken van párna." means "I sit on the one that has a pillow on it." This one could be a good answer to "Which chair do you sit on?".

And the English sentence above, well, I am not sure what it means.

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