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  5. "We are rich children."

"We are rich children."

Translation:Nous sommes des enfants riches.

February 4, 2013



Why is it des? Why is "Nous sommes enfants riches" wrong?


I think it's because there's no article?


Why is it "de riches enfants" but "des enfants riches"?


Why is it de not des??


Des turns into de in front of a modified noun. Des enfants or de riches enfants.


Why is riches in front of the noun in this case. It doesn't seem to me to conform to the B.A.G.S. rule.


I was specifically marked wrong for using de riches hommes on another question. The structure required on that example was des hommes riches. I chose the incorrect format because I remembered getting this one wrong by choosing des enfants riches .

I guess one could say that being rich was a comment related to good or bad and thus qualifies under B.A.G.S. If so, then someone else might not categorize it as such and not apply the rule.

Is this what's involved here?


DISCLAIMER: I don't know why it is used in front in this example, and it is always possible there is an incorrect sentence.

First off: don't think of "B.A.G.S." as a rule, it's really just a guideline to help you guess if you have absolutely no idea. There will always be exceptions.

Next, note that some adjectives change meaning if they are in front of a noun, rather than behind a noun.

Example: "un cher ami" means a close friend, whereas "une guitarre cher" means an expensive guitar (not a "close" guitar).

"le seul homme" means the only man whereas "l'homme seul" means the lonely man.

I am uncertain if "riche" has two meanings if in front, or if behind, but this is a possibility (like a "rich" cake -i.e. heavy/delicious - versus a "rich" man - i.e. a lot of money). You will really have to ask a native speaker on that one, but it is just something to think about.


Thank you. Good points.

As for the B.A.G.S. rule, you are correct. I should have said the B.A.G.S. convention or practice.


B.A.G.S. rule? Meaning what?


Its not a rule so much as a guideline. Here is an article on some adjective placement guidelines: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_4.htm

Section 2 of that page briefly discusses B.A.G.S.

Basically if you haven't a clue of where an adjective goes, but it describes Beauty, Age, Goodness or Size, you can guess it goes before the noun.


Before you get BAGS unto your head, know it is actually BANGS. The N is for number. Numbers go before nouns.


Nous sommes les enfants riches.
Why doesn't this count? Please explain ...


Nous sommes des enfants = we are (some) children

Nous sommes les enfants = we are the children.


this makes no sense i typed it right

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