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"A századik szekrényben nincsenek ingek."

Translation:In the hundredth wardrobe there are no shirts.

August 23, 2016



This should prefer wardrobe over cabinet if the hungarian version means both as the hint says, since that makes more sense in english. What makes no sense is to mark people wrong for using wardrobe instead of cabinet.


cabinet and cupboard are the same thing


In English, cabinets are small cupboards usually found in kitchens, bathrooms and by the bedside. Shirts are usually hung in wardrobes so I don't see how this is marked as incorrect.


You hang shirts in cupboards as well. But it's quite tough for the designers of these course to be able to think of all the appropriate synonyms. And their first language may not even be English. I guess it's often better to acknowledge to yourself that you got the learning point right and not to get hung up on being marked wrong for something trivial. We don't need to please teacher on these courses! Hurrah!


------- cupboards are for cups . . .

Big 12 feb 19


-------- cabinets are for pots and pans . CLOSETS are for shirts . . .

Big 5 feb 20


Put your shirts in whatever container you want, I don't care :)


Cannot one begin the statement with "There are no shirts in..."?


-------- in english you sure can ! . . .

Big 5 feb 20

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