"I hurry to the store, climb up to the roof and the policemen climb up too!"

Translation:Odasietek az üzlethez, felmászom a tetőre, és a rendőrök is felmásznak!

August 23, 2016



"Uh oh, it looks like the cops can parkour too!"

August 23, 2016


Why is the oda- preverb required? Are Oda- and ide- a preverb counterparts of the allative case, like be- and illativus?

October 6, 2017


Why not elsietek? Odasietek would be I hurry there to the store. Elsietek would be I hurry away to the store. Aren't both correct in the absence of any other information? Also, I put felmaszok rather than felmaszom. Is it the case that felmaszom is necessary because the whole thing is concrete? In other words, we are being given the location of the climbing.

November 27, 2018
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