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"Four boys are sleeping on this big brown bed."

Translation:Ezen a nagy barna ágyon négy fiú alszik.

August 23, 2016



why is: négy fiú ezen a nagy barna ágyon alszik, rejected? is it because the verb is at the end?


Yes, your sentence is OK, but it puts the emphasis on the bed. Which is fine, just not the neutral version. It could be accepted though.


Now that I have started learning the lessons on preverbs, where an explanation is given about words order, I understand much better this and other comments. It is actually very interesting. I learnt and speak Japanese, where words order is also very important.


Why is "négy fiu ezen a nagy bárna ágyon uszik" not accepted?


uszik?? (= swims); barna has 2 As, and no A's, but that's NOT why. I say your version is good (if alszik, instead of uszik)


Why is fiú in singular here?


because 4 boys. if you don't say how many objects, then it must be plural. if you say the number, that tells that it's plural. in Hungarian, the nouns remain singular with any number.


It is because in Hungarian a noun is in singular if it is preceeded by any quantifier


Too many pointless adjectives!!!


I understand practice, but they do sound unnatural & silly


sorry, but nobody sleep ON the bed in Hungarian (except pillows). People sleep IN the bed (ki aludt az agyamon? no, az agyamban!)

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