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"A televízióban japán lányok táncolnak."

Translation:Japanese girls are dancing on television.

August 23, 2016



I hope it's not a flat Screen


For me, "on the television" really does mean on top of a television set. As in "what's on the television? - Dad's book, mum's flower pot, my spectacles, your beer and a horde of well-balanced, highly talented Japanese dancing girls". If the dancing girls are a little less ambitious and take up any space, it would be healthier for them to be "on television".


"Japanese girls are dancing on TV" was accepted, I feel this would be the most natural translation.


televízióban is translated into "in the television" Why does it mean on the television ?


We see them through the medium of the television service.

In English, we usually talk about watching someone "on television", with the preposition "on".

Hungarian seems to use -ban, which is usually like "in" in English.

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It still sounds funny in English. I get the vision of Japanese girls dancing on top of a TV. :)

I think it would be more correct to say "on TV" as opposed to "on the TV."


Duo says: televízióban is IN the television. And when I write it down, it is wrong!!!


------- because "on tv " means you see them by means of your television service whereas "on THE tv " means on top of it. in the tv is restricted to technicians . . .

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Why did you reject "are dancing" whereas you use it in the correction?

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