"A televízióban japán lányok táncolnak."

Translation:There are Japanese girls dancing on television.

August 23, 2016

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I hope it's not a flat Screen


For me, "on the television" really does mean on top of a television set. As in "what's on the television? - Dad's book, mum's flower pot, my spectacles, your beer and a horde of well-balanced, highly talented Japanese dancing girls". If the dancing girls are a little less ambitious and take up any space, it would be healthier for them to be "on television".


"Japanese girls are dancing on TV" was accepted, I feel this would be the most natural translation.


Why did you reject "are dancing" whereas you use it in the correction?


televízióban is translated into "in the television" Why does it mean on the television ?


We see them through the medium of the television service.

In English, we usually talk about watching someone "on television", with the preposition "on".

Hungarian seems to use -ban, which is usually like "in" in English.

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It still sounds funny in English. I get the vision of Japanese girls dancing on top of a TV. :)

I think it would be more correct to say "on TV" as opposed to "on the TV."


Duo says: televízióban is IN the television. And when I write it down, it is wrong!!!


------- because "on tv " means you see them by means of your television service whereas "on THE tv " means on top of it. in the tv is restricted to technicians . . .

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I've had on the tv marked wrong . Very annoying , as the sentence clearly says A televizióban


It also clearly says a televízióban, yet "in the television" is not correct, either :)

You have to translate not only Hungarian words to English words but also Hungarian grammar to English grammar.

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