"Mit csinál a magas fiú az előtt a szép brazil lány előtt?"

Translation:What is the tall boy doing in front of that beautiful Brazilian girl?

August 23, 2016



what does the tall boy, in front of the beautiful Brazilian girl, do? reported

August 23, 2016


the girl = a lány

that girl = az a lány

August 24, 2016


sorry I wrote "the" here but "that" in my answer. I wanted to ask about the verb placement.

August 24, 2016


I wrote, "What is the tall boy in front of that beautiful Brazilian girl doing" and it was rejected, in favor of the above. They mean different things. In my translation, it asks "what is the boy doing?" He is identified as the one who's in front of the beautiful Brazilian girl, but that is the only reason she is mentioned. In the Duolingo translation, it asks what he's doing in front of her, implying that being in front of her is at least part of the reason for his actions.

Could the Hungarian sentence be interpreted either way?

(I'm assuming it does NOT mean, "How did he get in front of her? He's not supposed to be there," etc.)

October 14, 2016


What ordering of the Hungarian sentence would make the position description apply to the boy (the boy in front of ...) instead of where the action is taking place. Would "mit csinál (az elött etc.) a magas fiú?" work, or does that suggest something different?

October 6, 2016
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