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  5. "The girls like books."

"The girls like books."

Translation:הילדות אוהבות ספרים.

August 24, 2016



בנות is not a word we've been introduced to, to the best of my recollection.

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You're right! And two years later, it's the same situation… and very disheartening to be marked wrong on the first question in a practice because of a word I've never seen before!


Why is בנות correct too. Doesn't it mean daughters (not girls)!?


No, it means girls also (and Banim is sons or boys)


What does "הבנות" exactly mean? And how do you pronounce it?


It's pronounced, "ha'ba'note". Which means "the daughters." (It can also mean "the girls") "בת" means daughter. "בנות" is the plural form, and the "ה" on the front just means "the." Does that help? :)


Yes that does! Thank you!


My pleasure! :)


Is it seferot or sferot?


It's "sfarim" :)


Since this is refering to girls why isnt is ספרות?


Only when a word is an adjective that describes the girls or a verb that is referring to them, would it change to match. Books has nothing to do with the girls. It is a noun all of it's own and does not change to match the girls. "אוהבות" changes because it is a verb and is referring to the girls. If you were saying the girls are pretty you would say "הילדות יפות." and "יפות" would change to match girls because it is an adjective that is describing what kind of girls they are.
Does that make sense? I am happy to help. Let me know if that makes it more clear or if that just complicates it more. :)

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