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Danish fluency

Generally speaking, how hard would it be to be able to speak Danish like a native. Also I need tips on the Danish accent, like what part of the mouth it's spoken from and is there a certain way you should keep your mouth like in order to pronounce correctly.

2 years ago



I know nothing, but a Swedish friend once told me that Danish was 'a mad man's language' and that the even Dane's didn't even understand each other. XD He was joking of course, but according to him and my Danish friends, it is very difficult because there are lots of sounds they don't pronounce. It's a beautiful language though, it's worth the effort.

2 years ago

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Maybe below video and others by this youtuber (Dansk Udtale) are of use to you: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr7hU_iP0dw

2 years ago


As I am learning Danish for fun and because I LOVE it,I think that the best you can do is watch Danish TV and in general hear the native speakers talking.This is a great site and it's available in a plethora of languages and dialects.Personally,I do not think that Danish pronunciation is that difficult and confusing,I believe that is a lot of fun!Norwegian pronunciation is even harder for me..

2 years ago