"Kettőben a nulla? Ez lehetetlen."

Translation:Two divided by zero? That is impossible.

August 24, 2016

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Can you explain please. Does the ending ben here mean divided by as bol meant minus in the first sentence. I cant see any words for them so presume so


This phrase is short for "Kettőben a nulla hányszor van meg?" or something similar. (You could also say "Kettő osztva nullával.") "Háromból kettő" (3-2) is "Háromból kettő elvéve/kivonva."

There are just some usual phrases that you can leave parts out from because they're still understood. This is one of them.


I read "kettőben a nulla" as "zero in(to) two." So, how many times does zero go into two? Lehetetlen.


Well, the ending here is -ben rather than -be. The latter would fit better with your theory of 'into'.

I read the Hungarian as something like: 'Inside of two is zero? Impossible'


English speakers think of division as "x divided by y" means "y into x." How many times does y go into x? Maybe Hungarians just think of it as "y in x"? Remember, these are people who go "onto" airports and "think on" things, right? :) Just teasing - I'm sure Hungarians think English speakers have an odd use of prepositions, too. But that's why you can't translate the prepositions/case endings/whatever you want to call them literally.


This is impossible. Not "That".


Well, we wouldn't say "this is impossible", in this context, right? Even though it's not the literal translation, I think it is much more natural to say "that is impossible"


Yes, but when is this course ever concerned with what sounds natural?


Why couldn't we say : this is impossible? It is typically the case when we poor non native english speakers are lost.


It is not true. Dividing by zero can be possible :D


Most modern textbooks of math theory say that division by zero is "undefined".


------- i'm sure jonny would say that zero goes into any number an infinite number of times. so the answer is not impossible but infinite . . .

Big 20 may 19


As long as you're not trying to do it on a computer. :)


Ugh. I am a mathematician. The natural interpretation of this sentence asserts that zero is invertible in the field of real numbers, which is not true, so it's impossible. Can division by zero be used as a shorthand for something like lim(x->0) 2/x, which would be +infinity in the extended number system? Sure. But that is not dividing by zero so it really stretches beyond the sensible interpretation of the sentence.


Ez lehetetlen This is impossible, not, that is impossible. Why has ez changed it meaning from this to that?


Nought should also be accepted.


.....and 'nothing', too.


Ez=this. /that=az

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