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  5. "What color is his hair?"

"What color is his hair?"

Translation:Jakiego koloru są jego włosy?

August 24, 2016



Is this genitive or accusative? And also why not instrumental since the verb być is involved? Thanks :)


Is "jaki kolor mają jego włosy" correct as well?


Yes. Added now.


I replied: Jakiego koloru jego włosy? It was not accepted. Is 'są' necessary in this sentance?


Yes, it is necessary. I think the only construction where you can (sometimes, at least) omit a form of "być" is "This is Y" (To jest duży pies vs To duży pies).

Unlike Russian, Polish just needs it.


Where can I find an explanation of the different ways of making something plural, particularly difference between -y/-I and -ow (o usually with a tai)


Sorry accent not tail!

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If you mean writing, I think that http://sgjp.pl/ might be a great help to you. It is by far the biggest dictionary of Polish online (with 455.560 entries and counting). It does not define the meaning of words (just shortly, sometimes) - but it lists ALL their grammatical forms; for words that may have different meaning (e.g. the same word being a common noun/a male family name/a female family name ) - it has as many entries as necessary in given case. For instructions, see here: http://sgjp.pl/instruction/

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