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"Gaeth dyn a gwraig eu saethu."

Translation:A man and a woman were shot.

August 24, 2016



Does this imply that the two are hit or even dead now? Or just that they were fired at?


It's as just precise/ambiguous as the English sentence really.


To me this is confusing - menyw or dynes would be woman, gwraig is wife.


Gwraig can also mean woman, as can merch in some contexts. It's not as cut and dried as English - there's a bit more flexibility sometimes.


but wife is marked incorrect?


I guess it could be a possibility, but it's highly unlikely to mean that in this sentence.

Dyn a gwraig could mean "a man and a wife", but not likely his own wife, just some man and some other wife, which sounds weird. So in this case it's best to translate gwraig as "woman": "a man and (a) woman".

If you want to say "a man and wife" i.e. the wife is his wife, then you'd probably say either dyn a'i wraig "a man and his wife" or gŵr a gwraig "a husband and wife". In both these cases you'd translate gwraig as "wife".

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