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"A kilencvenkilencedik hajó nem zöld."

Translation:The ninety-ninth ship is not green.

August 24, 2016



what is boat in hungarian


The internet says you can put a boat on a ship but you can't put a ship on a boat. So, bigger vessels are "ship" - "hajó". Smaller vessels are "boat" - "csónak". But not all boats are "csónak". A "csónak" is a really small vessel, like a life boat on a ship. Steamboats, smaller, steam-powered vessels that were used on rivers, would still be called "hajó": "gőzhajó". You can't really walk around in a "csónak".


But in the previous examples my answer for hajó as boat was accepted.


Yes, exactly. I think it should be accepted here, as well. If it was not, please report it.


You reported it four years ago and it still is marked wrong.


Actually "csónak" is not the word for "boat". "Csónak" is very specifically a rowboat.

( I would not attempt to sail across the ocean in a "csónak" but I would be happy to row a "csónak" in the lake. :) )


I got ninety nine ships but a green aint one


I think csónak is the word originating from Ukrainian човник (csónik)


The ninety ninth boat is not green. That’s what I wrote and it was marked wrong. Why!

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