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  5. "Our children have a cat."

"Our children have a cat."

Translation:Nuestros hijos tienen un gato.

February 4, 2013



why can i not say hijos to mean children in this case?


I did, and it worked! So it's been fixed.


I did it too and it didn't work.


I used hijos also, and it still didn't work. Is there another context that must go with "hijos" to make it work?


You could, if speaking as a parent. That doesn't mean Duo will accept it. ;)


Here is what I think.

You can, but its better to understand to use niños here; because 1.) It is the direct translation

2.) The use in context can change alot.

3.) Not forming bad habits, accidentally calling someone elses children your own.

Mi hija es una niña. - My daughter is a child. Mi niño es un hombre. - My boy is a man. Can sound silly As well as talking about children who are part of your group but are not your desendants. So Ellos son mi niños, pero es mi hijo. Those are my children, but he is my son. To differentiate the two.


Here in Colombia people refer to others children as hijos, por ejemplo, "sus hijos son bonitos" and the sentence to be translated is OUR children, so hijos should be fine.


because hijos specifically means sons


I wish they would explain why it's wrong instead of just simply showing the correction.


Why can't I say chicas instead of chicos? The children could both be female, right?


what is the connection between the hijos/hijas and the una gata/un gato? i think it is correct any of these mixture!!


el mono es suyo the ape is hers


I think una gata is a female cat (whereas un gato, a male); rather than gata being faminine due to reflecting la nina. Just like nino and nina are seperate words based on the gender. Correct me if im wrong.


U say it on duo according to the word b4 it like Ninas gata ninos Gato I think but I'm not sure if in real life if the cat is a female u say gata even if it is Nino I dunno correct me


Why can't I say "Nuestros ellos tienen una gata"?


Could The general idea "hijos" be translated better by "crianças"?


I used niños instead of niñas and it got rejected.


Shouldn't the english sentence be: 'Our children has a cat' 'Our children have a cat' doesn't sound grammatical correct.


19 May, 2018 - In case you were still wondering, 'Our children have a cat' is the correct choice in English.

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The "s"on nuestros and hijos in this sentence must be correct? If the sentence read...Nuestro hijo tiene un gato...would be correct right? I just want to be clear in my head..many thanks in advance! D


I said hijos and duo said nenas?


How would you say our son's have a cat


What is the difference of tienen and tienes?


26 May, 2018 - You might wish to review this: https://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/tener


Why cant I use "Nuestras hijos tienen una gata"


'Why cant I use "Nuestras hijos tienen una gata"'

It needs to be either nuestrAs hijAs or nuestrOs hijOs, the gender has to match.

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