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"Hányadik emeleten lakik az egyiptomi bíró?"

Translation:On which floor does the Egyptian judge live?

August 24, 2016



----- almost all americans would say, "which floor does the egyptian judge live on ? " . . .

Big 9 jun 18


Yes, accepted it. 2019.09.02.


"On what floor does the Egyptian referee live" was wrong. How do we know when biro refers to a judge or a sports referee?


Context. Biró means judge - only within a sporting context would it refer to a referee. So, if you are unsure, assume judge.


Hány? - How many?

Hányadik? - which? (referring to Nr. in a row), which number?, which?


which floor is living the Egyptian judge living on? rejected Additional comment: most of the time "on which, or in which" is rejected and only "which.....on" or "which... in" is accepted. please ensure consistency or even better, accept both.


You have "living" twice in your sentence.

Also, the best way to ensure consistency or get things accepted is to report individual sentences, I think.


Which floor does the Egyptian judge live? is correct English - On is not necessary


We do say it as "On which...' , it just sounds a bit more formal.

"On which day is my appointment?" - another example.


Which floor does the Egyptian judge live? is correct English - On is not necessary


"He lives (the) fourth floor." sounds completely wrong to me, and by the same token, "Which floor does he live?" sounds wrong to me as well.

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