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"Close your eyes and follow me."

Translation:Zamknij oczy i idź za mną.

August 24, 2016



follow me= podążaj za mną - should be ok ;)


It should, although sounds less natural at least to me personally. And actually it works already.


I think is more natural for book readers, but when I see "follow me" I think "podążaj za mną" ^^ I'm just checking polish for english speakers 'cos I'm polish and don't want to swich basic language to learn english


Yeah it does a bit literary, very much Alice-in-Wonderland ;)


You have been insisting here on precise and literal translation.Why "zamknij oczy i podążaj za mną" nie działa?


Ok, that's because the pronoun swoje wasn't optional in this version, but now it will be.


"Zamknać" takes accusative, so it is "oczy". But why is it "mam dwoje uczu"? The numbers rule being "if the number is 2,3,4 or every other that ends with 2,3,4 (except those that end with 12,13,14) you go with plural nominative and you decline both number and noun if it is required in the sentence".


"Mam dwoje oczu" :) It's a special case, it's a remnant of the dual number that was once a part of Polish (and several other languages, some of them still have it). Basically things that usually come in pairs would behave differently in terms of grammar. "dwoje" is the collective form of the numeral "dwa" and it always takes Genitive.


Thanks for the explanation... I was already expecting a complicated (historical or otherwise) exception to an already complicated ground rule. We shouldn't make it too easy to learn Polish, now should we? :-)

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