August 24, 2016



Is "rhew" a synonym?


I think "rhew" means "ice" in the north but "frost" in the south.

So asking whether you want "rhew" in your drink might get you funny looks depending on where you are.

(Though asking for "rhyw" with your drink will always get you funny looks.)


Could be worse- I think I could be asking for a hen in my drink more than once.


Better than asking for sex (rhyw) in a drink, isn't it?


I missed that bit, although I think you might end up with a cocktail! I can see it now: "mind how you go, it's a bit sex out at the moment". Reminds me of one heart stopping moment at school after having written and submitted an essay in German wherein I said my work experience boss was "horrible" and then found out that two letters swapped meant "fertile". It was a long wait to get that essay back.


Am I right in presuming this is "ice" as in "ice cube" or "iceberg" but it doesn't refer to "ice cream"?


The usual two words for 'ice' are rhew and . In some contexts one is preferred over the other, in others either can be used. For example:

  • hufen iâ - ice-cream
  • Gwlad yr Iâ - Iceland
  • rhewlif - a glacier
  • ciwb rhew/iâ - an ice cube
  • rhewfryn - an iceberg
  • mynydd rhew/iâ - an iceberg
  • rhewgell - a freezer
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