"Dlaczego one tobie ufają?"

Translation:Why do they trust you?

August 24, 2016

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the audio says 'dlatego...'


Audio still says dlatego


Not much we can do about it, apart from blocking it from appearing in the hearing exercises.


Why not, "Why are they trusting you?"?


Using Continous tense doesn't seem good to me unless it's 'trusting with something', like 'trusting you with my car' when I'm lending the car to you...


Um, i learned that with the verb ufać, the pronoun should be in celownik, so shouldn't it be "dlaczego one ci ufają" ?


It would probably be better, but "tobie" is also Dative (celownik). It's more emphasized. But this isn't exactly the greatest sentence ever.


I had learned it this way: "tobie", like mnie, niemu, niej, nim, are only supposed to be used with the przyimki °przeciw° or °dziki,° whereas everything else °mi, ci, mu, jej, nam, wam, and im° are all used without przyimki, and that °tobie° and °jemu° are the variants able to be used at the beginning of sentences. In this sentence, it fits neither of those rules. Sorry for being a pain,, I'm one of those attentive to details people when it comes to langauges. I could be totally wrong, I just want to make sure.


You mean "dzięki" (thanks to)? "dziki" are "wild boars" :D Or the masculine adjective "wild".

It's true for 'niemu', 'niej' and 'nim'. If a given pronoun has more than one form and one of the forms starts with n-, that form is to be only used after a preposition.

"tobie" and "mnie" on the other hand, are simply emphatic forms. So "tobie" here is like "Why do they trust YOU?". Although then it would probably be better to put it at the end of the sentence to emphasize it even more.

And you're right about the beginning of the sentence, but it's not the only situation when they can be used. Anyway, the best option here would be "Dlaczego one ci ufają?".


Haha yes, sorry, my Polish keyboard isn't working. now I learned a new word!

Thanks for the explanation. It's a pretty challenging language, that's why I always ask questions.


I'm always happy to answer good questions :)


Is there a better way, then, to say, "Why do they trust you ?"

Also, why is the dative pronoun used here ?



Hmmm, I guess that maybe I thought that this needs more context. Or at least some 'even': Why do they even trust you = Dlaczego w ogóle ci ufają?

And then there's the ci/tobie issue as mentioned.

The indirect object "you" takes Dative in Polish.


Your last sentence would work with German ("sie vertrauen dir"), but the English verb "trust" is transitive and takes a direct object.


Ci or Tobie both indicate You in celownik, you need to study by cases


However, given that there's no context which would justify the emphasized form "tobie", I just removed this sentence and created "Dlaczego ufają tobie, a nie mnie?" instead. The new sentence clearly asks for emphasized versions of pronouns.


To try to express the emphatic form in English, I wrote "Why is it you that they trust?" I know it's a bit off from the direct sentence, but for me it demonstrates that stress on "tobie"/"you"

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