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"Ennek a focistának csinos barátnője van."

Translation:This soccer player has a pretty girlfriend.

August 24, 2016



What is soccer? Never heard of it. In Europe we play football.


That's true, but American football is called football as well. Soccer only means the European type of football, so it's easier to tell which one are you talking about.


I know. What I wanted to say is that 'football player' definitely needs to be accepted as a correct answer. The term soccer is convenient when you're outside of Europe, but I personally wouldn't use it anywhere in Europe.


In fact "football" refers to any sport played with a foot and a ball, and the word means something completely different from country to country - in the UK it means association football, in America it means American football, in Australia it means Australian rules football, in New Zealand, rugby, in Canada, Canadian football, in Ireland, Gaelic football, etc., all of which are fairly different but do still involve feet and and ball.

But yes, "soccer" can only refer to association football, the British meaning of the word "football", and so it cuts out a lot of ambiguity.


Where have you found this translation In Hungary a focista is a football player.As far ass I know the last forty years no one in Hungary will say soccer for football player Again the fact ''what is free of charge must bee eaten''

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