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"Сучасні підлітки не можуть жити без інтернету."

Translation:Modern teenagers cannot live without the Internet.

August 24, 2016



Only for fear of losing their Duolingo streak I hope! XD


Please allow this answer, as "the internet" is also commonly just called "internet":

Modern teenagers can't live without internet.

If any Ukrainian speaking contributors and mods need to know why, it would be the same as saying "I can't live without cigarettes." Or, "I can't live without chocolate." The article the is not necessary. Internet, said on its own without the article is said often. (We wouldn't say "I can't live without the chocolate.")

Other example of how this is used:

"Do you have internet?"

"Does the hotel have internet?"

Anyway, thank you for considering! The default answer is acceptable in this sentence, but I would like to see my example added.

(The use of "the" is certainly used at times when we say something like "The internet is not working", or, "My dad has never used the internet.")


I agree with you on this and as of Oct 24/19 it is unchanged because I just got marked incorrect.


As of March 10, 2020... it's still not accepted. I hope a contributor can look into this, and confirm that they've included it as an acceptable answer.


10/21 and still not updated

[deactivated user]

    The Internet (countable) - a global system of interconnected computers.

    Internet (uncountable) - the fact of the internet being available to use.

    Both work here.


    Yes, we can! But of course, losing an 80-days-streak is a bit of a downer...


    October/2021 It still doesn't accept "without Internet". Reported! I know it's useless to report something in this course, but anyway...

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