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З днем незалежножсті! I have completed the Ukrainian tree!

Partly in honor of Ukrainian Independence Day, I have completed the Ukrainian tree. (yay!)


I know some think it's easy to finish a tree, and maybe it is for them. But I think that completing a tree, whatever the size, is a nice task, especially since this is my first completed tree.

But now I'm here, (finally!) chilling in my vyshyvanka

Thanking everyone who has helped me learn even more about this beautiful land and culture.

If anyone has any resources that can help learn more that have proved helpful after the course they would be greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank the wonderful contributers and moderators on the course for their hard work. I am so glad to get emails about translations being accepted after so long hearing nothing. Keep it up, I can't wait for the 2.0 tree if/when it comes out!

Слава Україна!

August 24, 2016



Вітаю! Молодець!

I initially read З as 3 and was enormously confused.

I haven't done a lot of Ukrainian outside of the tree, but besides the reverse tree, I know clozemaster.com has Ukrainian :)


Дякую та спасибо! Thank you a ton for the link. <3


Congrats! ... and nice post. Also looking forward to 2.0.


Yes. Thank you. You too


Вітаю! З днем незалежності! Слава Україні! :) I'm waiting for Tree 2.0 (Дерево 2.0) :) I almost finished it :) And of course, here's a Lingot for you :D


Дякую! Героям слава! Can't wait for 2.0, it will be great. Thanks for the lingot too.:))


Будь ласка :)


Вітаю! Гарна робота! Have a lingot, and I recommend the textbook "Beginner's Ukrainian" by Yuri Shevchuk as a supplement to Duolingo. It's published by Hippocrene Books and has some materials not covered in the Duolingo course. I'm using it along with Duolingo and have found it quite useful!


Дякую! Thank you very much, that textbook looks very helpful. Good luck with your tree also, you are so close to the end!


Дякую и спасибо!


Sorry I do not learn Ukrainian but спасибо is on Russian thanks, too but I do not know first word.


"Дякую" is Ukrainian for Thank you. :)


Why you then say спасибо on Russian?


I do not learn Ukrainian.


Just so that if you studied more Russian than Ukrainian you would hopefully understand that Дякую means thank you like спасибо. :)

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