"Musiałem tu być."

Translation:I had to be here.

August 24, 2016

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One of the hardest parts of the Duolingo Polish course is not cracking up when saying "być". And "tu" is "you" in other languages. So this would read, "I had to...". So much for being an adult.


Well, if you had a female dog in mind, for a Polish person this word is not even similar, really...


Just because Polish people tend to pronounce this English word like "beach" ;-)


Would "I should have been here." be acceptable as well?


that would be "Powinienem był tu być",(male speaker) or "Powinnam była tu byc"(female speaker)


Correct answer is displayed as "I'd to be here." for a response of " I must be here". If the correct answer is "I had to be here", you can not abbreviate "I had" to "I'd". Generally this is the abbreviation for "I would".


Oh gosh, out of all such Duo errors, this may be the most ridiculous one that I've seen =='

The problem is, that technically "I'd" can be an abbreviation for "I had" as well, like "I'd done it". Obviously informal, but used. And Duolingo algorithm accepts it automatically, because in some contexts it works. But the algorithm doesn't recognize context, doesn't see that it makes absolutely no sense here. But accepting is one thing, I will never understand why it gets suggested sometimes :/ Anyway, there's nothing we can do on our side.


Maybe in British english you could say 'I'd done it", but as a native American I would classify that along with the absolutely unforgivable British expression of 'Have you got?! ;-) I would argue 'technically' that you can not abbreviate it so, but that is more a question for your English language students than for me. ;-) Thanks for the quick response.


It's strange when the Yanks get upset by Britishisms, really they can only improve the state of American English.


"I must have been here", not accepted?


"must have" as a modal perfect implies you've deduced something that was probably true. I doubt that the Polish sentence covers that nuance.

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